Part 2 of the first phase for BID’s modernisation and simplification plan: Even more improvements.

On april 2021, ConstructBuy is releasing its second part for the first phase of modernisation by enhancing its digital tool BID, a manager for invitations to tender, tracking responses and bids received. 

In addition to our latest update for email solicitations, our team has implemented some great improvements to the sending process. Clearer, faster and more functional, we believe that this new interface will please contractors who send invitations to tender for their projects. 

In addition, in order to simplify the life of the users of our platform,, we have improved access to technical support. This way, all those who need help can now find the information quickly, either in the navigation bar or the menu.  

1- Improvements of the process for invitations to tender.

    1. Reversal of the first 2 steps: it will now be more logical for the user to begin by validating the content of the invitation before selecting the recipients;

    2. New section on the left: as it was previously the case, it allows users to select the content to be displayed in the invitations to be sent by BID;

    3. New section on the right: it allows you to preview in real time the appearance of the invitation to tender that will be sent to subcontractors and suppliers (by e-mail or fax);

    4. New interactive checkboxes: when one of these boxes is checked, the associated information appears in real time in the invitation preview window (right section);

    5. New location of the preview buttons: More accessible, these buttons allow you to see what the subcontractors will receive, by email or by fax, depending on the selection;

    6. New location of the print button: Now easy to find, this button allows you to print the invitation to tender, for both delivery modes;

    7. New arrow ribbon menu: Replacing the button bar, the ribbon is always visible regardless of the user’s position on the page, and indicates which step they are at;

    8. New navigation buttons: The “Previous” and “Next” buttons allow you to intuitively navigate between the steps of sending your invitations.

2- Improved access to technical support.

    1. New yellow “?” icon for easy access to technical support: The phone number has been replaced by the yellow icon to free up space for additional items;

    2. New sub-menu when the user clicks on the yellow “?”: This gives a better access to the 4 options to reach our support in the permanent notification bar;

    3. Relocation of the chat with a technical support agent: In case of need to chat with one of our agents it will be easier for the user to locate the link and start the exchange;

    4. New display mode for the chat bubble: This bubble appears only when the user clicks on the icon indicated in point 3. It remains open until the user decides to make it disappear by clicking on the same icon; 

    5. New accessibility for the technical support window: This window appears when a user selects a choice in the yellow “?” submenu in the top bar, or when he selects “technical support” in the left menu;

    6. Improved technical support window: We have centralized in this window, in a more visual way, all our contact information, all our help resources and all possible actions for users;

    7. Our support documentation is more accessible: It is possible to consult the complete FAQ or the most popular questions to access step-by-step instructions, allowing the user to be autonomous in the execution of his task.

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