A New Revolution for Construction with ConstructBuy 3.0!

We are thrilled to announce that ConstructBuy 3.0 is now live as of April 3, 2024. This marks a new foundation that will enable a much faster evolution of the platform, always with the goal of meeting a wide range of digital solution needs for construction entrepreneurs.

We meticulously revised the design to offer a simpler and more intuitive experience. Under the hood, we modernized our technological infrastructure to enhance the performance of our platform, better serving our clientele in their construction project management. Here are some details about the improvements you’ll appreciate.

Simplification of the Menu in the Left Panel.

From now on, only two fixed menu sections provide direct access in your left panel:

  1. Private Portal: Four streamlined menu options are now dedicated to your private portal, allowing direct access to your global view, projects, partners, and account settings.

  2. Public Portal: This section provides direct access to the company directory or public bids.

Additionally, you’ll find a third menu section for modular digital tools offered by ConstructBuy, if applicable.

Finally, at the bottom of the left panel, you’ll discover a more easily identifiable Help Menu for efficient interaction and swift technical support.

Tabbed Navigation Within Your Projects.

Navigating within a project folder becomes more intuitive for both your employees and invited subcontractors. You’ll find the project title in the header, along with detailed tabs to facilitate its workflow management.

Enhanced Integration of Digital Tools via Additional Tabs in Your Projects.

We now offer an ideal modularity for each project, allowing you to activate each tool based on your specific needs. The ease of navigation has been improved, enabling a seamless transition from one tool to another without ever leaving your current project folder.

Ultimately, exploring your various projects without abandoning the digital tool you’re working within is now possible, enhancing your workflow. 

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About ConstructBuy

ConstructBuy is the most accessible grouping of digital, modular, integrated and collaborative tools in the construction industry. Our platform was created to enable construction industry stakeholders (contractors, architects, general contractors and specialists) to facilitate their operations in the four stages of a project: planning, estimation, supply and execution. ConstructBuy customers can get several benefits by using it: simpler processes, easier relationships, more efficient days and more profitable projects. They even confirmed that they made fewer mistakes, made their employees happier and had more time to make the most of their tools.

Whether it’s for your calls and invitations to tender with the BID tool, your statements of quantities and your estimate with the TAKEOFF and ESTIMATION tools, or managing your employees’ time sheets with the TIME tool, rest assured that we will continue to be there to support you in the digitization of our industry.