About ConstructBuy

Mission, Vision, Values & Management

In construction, every minute and every dollar counts. That is why ConstructBuy has been working for more than 30 years to simplify and optimize construction project management tools. ConstructBuy’s suite of online tools allow general contractors, specialized subcontractors and their suppliers to maximize every step of a project, from drawing up plans to estimating and managing the construction bidding process.

With its user-friendly and intuitive platform, ConstructBuy makes each step and each relationship easier, for more efficient work days and more profitability. All this means fewer mistakes, happier employees and more time to focus on what you do best—getting the most out of your tools.

ConstructBuy is a platform developed in Quebec with the expertise of construction site managers just like you. Because our founders and developers understand the reality of every contractor and every supplier, we know you’ll enjoy using our tools.

Our Mission

Make technology accessible to all, to facilitate the realization of construction and renovation projects.

Our Vision

Become the accessibility platform for the best integrated, economic and ecological products, services and know-how.

Our Values

Consideration, Pleasure, Excellence

Nothing is more motivating and profitable for all than considering all the pleasure we have in working with the right tools and especially with the right people who help each other achieve the excellence of the services delivered.

Our Management

Liberated and Agile

Liberated: Every effort is made to promote the self-management of our employees.

Agile: Every effort is made to adapt our products, services and organization, to the evolving needs of our customers, partners and employees.

30 years of expertise

in developing and integrating estimation and project management solutions.

4.5+ million

downloaded files


satisfied users

2.6+ million

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