Piche Digital Pyramid

Piche Digital Pyramid

“In the construction industry, when we think of digitization, we think about the BIM. However, too many contractors don’t know how to start their digital shift and feel far from integrating BIM into their daily lives. To solve this, I propose a progressive digitization plan called “Piche Digital Pyramid ©“. With the help of this simple and complete diagram, contractors will be better equipped to understand the steps allowing them to carry out their digital development in a logical and orderly manner. They will then be able to better position themselves in the different levels of the digital pyramid to prepare for BIM and understand how it can be naturally integrated into their operations.”

– Steve Piche, President and solution designer at ConstructBuy and also Piche Digital Pyramid creator.

Create your digitization plan with the Piche Digital Pyramid.

What is the Piche Digital Pyramid?


A unique concept to help construction contractors better understand the challenges of a digital shift. 

After more than 20 years of advising construction contractors on the use of digital tools, Steve Piche has created a digitization plan specifically designed for them. By symbolizing the levels of digital maturity in the form of a pyramid, it is easy to understand the steps to follow to reach the top. From subcontractors to general contractors, everyone can use this digital pyramid to identify where they are in their digital evolution.

Why use Piche Digital Pyramid?


To simplify the process of a digitization plan and better order the integration of digital tools. 
Using Piche Digital Pyramid will also allow you to :

Understand the mechanics of a digitization plan and better evaluate the available tools.

Be able to take informed decisions about your investments in digital tools.

Determine your digitization plan according to your reality and your needs.

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