Phase 1 of the modernization and simplification plan: Launching of the improved solicitation manager.

On March 18th 2021, ConstructBuy will release its first phase of modernisation by enhancing its digital tool BID, a manager for invitations to tender, tracking responses and bids received. 

Now, with a redesigned invitation to tender email, contractors will receive much clearer, easier-to-read invitations. It will be easier for them to respond whether or not they wish to bid on proposed new projects. In addition, project access and interface have been simplified. All information is available in one click and, for subcontractors, in a single page. Also, it will now be possible to easily create projects and send out private invitations to tender to subcontractors and suppliers even more easily.  Finally, it will be possible to better classify projects, created or received, for a much easier follow-up.

1- Clearer and easier way to respond to bid invitations.

    1. Clearer sections in the natural decision-making steps of your subcontractors;
    2. Display of your subcontractor’s logo and address making the invitation more appealing;
    3. Clearer project name and informations section;
    4. Project address is clickable to open Google Map;
    5. This field will not be displayed if there is no information, like all the others; 
    6. The “See project details and download files” button is higher and more accessible;
    7. The link to our technical support is better located;
    8. The questions are more clearly exposed to your subcontractors and more appealing for them to answer;
    9. Clearer answer button for ease of response;
    10. Benefits of answering are more clearly laid out;
    11. Clearer and higher bid closing dates, for easier decision making;
    12. Shorter and simpler tender instructions section.

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2- Documents and project information is now available in a single click and on a single page, with simplified navigation in your project portal.

    1. Private content to your organization clarified;
    2. Public content to all organizations clarified;
    3. Content related to your organization clarified;
    4. New Breadcrumb trail to :
      • know at all times where you are in your navigation;
      • navigate from one project to another while remaining in the same place, for example, by staying within the documents;
      • navigate from one page of the project to another.
    5. Simplified project menu with 6 pages instead of 13;
    6. All documents centralized in one place, for bidding and execution, accessible and well separated visually;
    7. Private bid invitations, even more accessible;
    8. Clearer and more useful project overview;
    9. Direct access to documents is clearer and more aesthetically pleasing;
    10. Clearer, more accessible and more complete informations;
    11. Clearer project location;
    12. More obvious and accessible actions for you and your subcontractors;
    13. Responses to the invitation are more visible, clearer and more incentive;
    14. Space that will more clearly display addendum notifications and other project communications;
    15. Two document display modes: “View by folder” or “View by date” to highlight recently added documents;
    16. A more accessible button to send your tender.

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3- Simpler project creation for both general contractors and subcontractors.

    1. Create a project in two easy steps;
    2. Clearer information entry;
    3. Easier entry of the project address;
    4. Clearer “next” button;
    5. Step used to activate the ConstructBuy’s digital tools required for your project in order to adapt the menus, actions and options offered. The tools can be activated at any time;
    6. Activate (or not) the BID tool, in order to ensure that you do not  forget it, or fill in  useless informations ;
    7. Easier time entry when needed;
    8. Easier date entry;
    9. Activate the TAKEOFF tool to easily count dimensions and quantities directly on your uploaded plans and have access to it anytime and anywhere;
    10. Activate the TIME tool to easily collect and compile your labor time spent on the project;
    11. More optional details that can be saved to the project;
    12. Simplified access to the project (activated by default) for your subcontractors, to avoid them having to register or authenticate themselves with a password to only access bid documents.

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4- More obvious follow-up and simpler project classification for both general contractors and subcontractors.

    1. Project phase in green, managed by the project creator only, with no impact on the ranking;
    2. Project stage in blue, managed independently by each organization that has an influence on its ranking;
    3. Personalization of your project sections and rankings according to your needs so that you can easily find your way around.

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About ConstructBuy

ConstructBuy is the most accessible grouping of digital, modular, integrated and collaborative tools in the construction industry. Our platform was created to enable construction industry stakeholders (contractors, architects, general contractors and specialists) to facilitate their operations in the four stages of a project: planning, estimation, supply and execution. ConstructBuy customers can get several benefits by using it: simpler processes, easier relationships, more efficient days and more profitable projects. They even confirmed that they made fewer mistakes, made their employees happier and had more time to make the most of their tools.

Whether it’s for your calls and invitations to tender with the BID tool, your statements of quantities and your estimate with the TAKEOFF and ESTIMATION tools, or managing your employees’ time sheets with the TIME tool, rest assured that we will continue to be there to support you in the digitization of our industry.