How to hire an estimator?

A severe labor shortage is a major problem that many industries are facing today, most notably in the building and engineering sectors. How to hire an estimator  is particularly challenging to fill due to the high level of specialization and expertise required. Training and making new hires profitable represents yet another mountain to climb. So, how can we minimize the risks and costs associated with how to hire an estimator? Here are a few solutions.


Opt for a freelance estimator, especially if you do not need full-time services. 

Utilizing an independent estimator, also known as a freelance estimator, can be an ideal solution, especially if your estimation needs are not constant. This option offers more flexibility, allowing you to tailor the volume of work to your actual needs. Moreover, it can prove to be economical since there is no need to bear the fixed costs associated with a full-time position, along with the fees to recruit an estimator.


Insist that he/she works in your estimation system, whether it’s a new freelancer or a new employee. 

It is essential to be uncompromising on this point. Insist that the estimator uses your existing estimation system. It ensures greater consistency and optimal accuracy throughout the entire estimation process. Plus, it allows you to maintain control over the data and processes, which is critically important for the success of your present and future projects.


Distribute the estimation tasks based on the estimator’s skills and your needs. 

A modular approach to estimation can prove extremely beneficial. Initially, you might only assign the task of quantity surveying on the plans to your new estimator and keep the cost estimation internally. This allows the estimator to familiarize himself/herself with your workflow. Once they’re more comfortable and ready to handle more responsibilities, you can then extend their role to include cost estimation.


Refine your methods, data, and estimation formulas on good, well-structured, and secure estimation systems. 

The use of robust and reliable estimation systems greatly facilitates the integration of a new estimator. By working with your data and methods, the estimator can quickly familiarize themselves with your business’s specifics. Integration, which can typically take several months, could then take only a few days or even a few hours, depending on the maturity level of integrating good estimation software into your organization.


Recruit from educational institutions offering estimation courses. 

The proactive approach is key here. Consider hiring an estimator right from educational institutions that offer estimation courses. These institutions often teach estimation using the same software as you do. Find out from them which software they use for their teaching. This information can guide you not only in selecting suitable candidates but also in choosing which software to use.



How to hire an estimator will never be an easy task, but excellent organization and the wise use of technology can make the process a lot more manageable. The better organized and supported your estimation system is with good software, the easier it will be to recruit, make profitable, and even retain your estimators. Therefore, it is crucial to invest time and resources to ensure that your company stays agile and competitive in an ever-evolving commercial environment.

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