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Make the MOST of your training!

For over 20 years, the ConstructBuy team has been educating on the competitive advantages of digitization in the construction industry. That’s why we offer training to help contractors develop their digital maturity.

To train is to evolve!

At ConstructBuy, evolution is important, both in our technologies and on a human level. Over the past few years, new technologies have profoundly changed work habits more than ever before, and it is through training that each person will be able to develop and discover his or her full potential in order to cope with them. We therefore invite the construction industry’s stakeholders to train themselves in order to be able to constantly adapt to changes in their work. 

RBQ recognized training

In Quebec, as required by the Regulation respecting the professional qualification of contractors and owner-builders, construction contractors must complete a certain number of training hours each year. For these hours to be counted, they must be recognized by the RBQ. Here, we offer you some trainings that will allow you to obtain the necessary certification for your mandatory training hours. Visit the RBQ website to find out about your continuing education obligations.

october 4th 2023, november 8th 2023, february 14th 2024, march 13th 2024.

Boost your profitability with your digital identity.

(Available in french only)

october 11th 2023, november 15th 2023, february 21st 2024, march 20th 2024.

Maximize your productivity by improving your communications.

(Available in french only)

october 18th 2023, november 22nd 2023, february 28th 2024, march 27th 2024.

Master your estimation and project by integrating the right tools.

(Available in french only)

october 25th 2023, november 29th 2023, march 6th 2024, april 3rd 2024.

Visualize the impact of 3D BIM and AI among contractors.

(Available in french only)

ConstructBuy training

To help the construction industry go digital, what better way than to adapt our training to the reality of contractors? Inspired by the Piche Digital Pyramid © , we offer different training programs adapted to the level of digital maturity it proposes. Over time, a wide variety of trainings will be available.

Training BID

Learn how to easily share your projects by sending private invitations or call for tenders with our BID tool.


Learn how to quickly get your quantities, surfaces, lengths and volumes on scale drawings, with our TAKEOFF tool.


Learn how to be more accurate, reliable nd strategic from estimation to execution, with our ESTIMATION tool.


Learn how to compile expenses, create forms and calculate your employee’s timesheets with our TIME tool.

Other training

Here we offer the relevant training courses offered by our various partners in construction products and services, who believe as we do that digitalization requires training. 


There is actually no other training available. Please come back regularly on this page for updates. 

Training request form

To request training from ConstructBuy, please fill out the form below. A trainer will then contact you to discuss training opportunities and explain how to proceed. You can also contact us directly by phone at 1-855-780-2929.

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