At ConstructBuy, we consider the importance of each individual within our team. It is by building on each other’s strengths that we will collectively achieve greater efficiency and agility for our operations and development. We have challenges that constantly require new talents, like you, to have fun with us!

Come wih us to make the most of your career!

  • At ConstructBuy, you will be involved in building, developing and promoting applications as a modern and complex service for tens of thousands of companies in the construction industry.
  • We equip you with a quality development environment; high-performance computer (PC) AMD Ryzen 7, three monitors Full HD (or more), wireless headset and mechanical keyboard.
  • We always work with the latest and most efficient technologies to allow you to express yourself worthy of your talent.
  • We are a dynamic, highly experienced, motivated, open-minded team that constantly strives for excellence, while ensuring that everything is done in a fun way!
  • Speaking of fun (our first value), we organize Games of Quake 3 / Reflex Arena to let off steam during breaks, 4 to 7 to celebrate the ends of sprints or celebrate our success stories, summer parties on the boat of the president, and a Christmas party, even for employees in remote work.

Our technologies and projects: quality challenges!

Here’s what’s in store for you in terms of projects and our state-of-the-art environment:

  •, our collaborative project management platform as a service (PaaS), is hosted entirely on AWS, uses several third-party APIs and is powered by the following technologies; React.js – TypescriptBootstrap – ASP.NET Core MVC – WCFC# – PostgreSQL – Docker – Chef – AWS S3.

  • TAKEOFF, our 2D quantity statement tool, is a fully Serverless application, which brings us maximum agility and performance. It uses the following technologies: React.js – Konva.js – Typescript – Appsync – Lambda (Python)DynamoDB – S3 – CloudFormation – CloudFrontCognito

  • We run a comprehensive, modern development environment that includes continuous code integration and deployment (CI/CD) GIT – Jira – Sentry – Kibana and the IDE of your choice between Visual Studio 2019, Rider or VS Code.

  • To drive our sales and growth we use agile and collaborative tools such as; Slack, Google Drive, Confluence and the best CRM on the market; Salesforce.

Screenshot Dashboard ConstructBuy
Screenshot TAKEOFF

About Us

ConstructBuy is the most accessible grouping of digital, modular, integrated and collaborative tools in the construction industry.

Our platform was created to enable construction industry stakeholders (contractors, architects, general contractors and specialists) to facilitate their operations in the four stages of a project: planning, estimation, supply and execution.

ConstructBuy customers can get several benefits by using it: simpler processes, easier relationships, more efficient days and more profitable projects. They even confirmed that they made fewer mistakes, made their employees happier and had more time to make the most of their tools.

Our mission

Make technology accessible to all, in order to facilitate the estimation and completion of construction and renovation projects.

Our vision

Become the most accessible platform by offering the best integrated, economical and environmentallyfriendly products, services and know-how.

Our values

Pleasure, Consideration, Excellence, Collaboration, Curiosity

Nothing is more motivating and profitable for everyone than considering all the pleasure we have in working with the right tools and collaborating with curious people to achieve the excellence of the service delivered.

Our management

Freedom-form: Every effort is made to promote the self-management of our employees.

Agile: Every effort is made to continuously and quickly adapt our products, services and our organization to the evolving needs of our customers, partners and employees.

Our job offers

Business Development Agent

Are you passionate about creating new business opportunities, developing growth strategies, and establishing strategic partnerships, all in an engaging and friendly work atmosphere? If so, we want to meet you!

Full Stack Web Developer

Are you as comfortable in the Frontend as the Backend? Do you like working with the latest technologies such as ASP.NET Core, React.js, Typescript, Python, C, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS? If so, we want to meet you!

React.js Web

You eat React.js for breakfast… and lunch… and dinner, in addition to your snacks! We can clearly feed you for many years if you want to meet us! We can’t wait to discover and try your best React.js recipes!


Do you want to make the most of your career and be worthy of your talent? Do you want to be part of a freedom-form company and agile team? If so, we are open to discover new talents and we want to know you!

Why work at ConstructBuy?

At ConstructBuy, you're free to work wherever you want

  • For several years, we have been giving our team members the choice to do their jobs by being present at head office or remote work;

  • Not able to make a choice? No problem! There is even the possibility of timeshare in remote work. For example, some employees work in the office in the morning, and work from home in the afternoon to better balance their jobs and family life;

  • We encourage every member of our team to be as well seated in the office as at home;

  • We also have employees who have moved to other cities to have new experiences or follow their commonlaw partner.

Quality of life assured at our head office

  • No traffic and access to all services in the city within a 15-minute drive.

  • Various sports activities: Lake with bike path (direct access a few meters from the office), cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, golf courses, walking trails and mountain biking… all within 20km;

  • Various cultural activities: Modern theatre, cinemas, museums, various festivals.

  • Municipal services: Arenas, library, tennis courts, hockey deck, soccer, baseball, football.

  • Victoriaville is literally in the center of Quebec, giving you access to more than 75% of the province’s population within a 2-hour drive (150km from Montreal, 120km from Quebec City, 95km from Sherbrooke, 70km from Trois-Rivieres)

A significantly cheaper cost of living than in large centres

  • Easy access to property: Buying a single-family home in Victoriaville or its area costs on average twice as less as in Montreal. Victoriaville rent appartements also cost 50% less than those in the big metropoles.

  • A more affordable car: Victoriaville vehicle owners save $500 a year on average compared to Montrealers because they spend less time on the road.

  • So, more money in your pocket: Despite an income 11% lower than that of a Montreal household, Victoriaville homeowners have more money in their pockets.

We are so confident that you will be well in Victoriaville that we are willing to pay for part of your relocation to allow you to come and work with us and provide a better quality of life for you and your family.

The little extras with us

  • Competitive salaries and eligibility for the annual bonus

  • Flexible hours and the possibility of remote work

  • High-performance work tools

  • 4 weeks of holiday and vacation at hiring

  • Group insurance

  • Group pension plan

  • A new office and near-nature environment

  • Various social activities

  • Espresso machine and kitchenette

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