Let our team of experts estimate your construction projects, working remotely on our software, rented or on a free trial at your place.

It’s the simplest and least expensive way to never miss an estimation opportunity during busier times or due to lack of staff. Our expert estimators can even help you validate the accuracy of your estimates. Dare to compare by sharing a project with us!

Types of available freelance estimating services.

Here is a list of our services, delivered on our digital tools in your collaborative environment.

Colouring service for PDF plans and reports with

Get a complete report of lengths, areas and quantities, starting at $110 /1000 sq. ft.

To be able to view or modify the colored plans, directly in your private space of ConstructBuy, you need a valid subscription to TAKEOFF.

  • Report of colored plans, lengths, surfaces, volumes and quantities and deliverables to the project, all shared and modifiable in real time;
  • Highlighting of important texts to consider;
  • Technical questions/answers to the client;
  • Annotations for anomalies and warnings on the plans;
  • Responsibility takeover checklist for the client.
  • Costs and unit pricing or deliverables totals;
  • Final check for potential errors and omissions.

Detailed project costing service with

Get a complete estimate, presentation-ready, for your client, starting at $110 /1000 sq. ft.

To be able to view or modify your project costs, directly in your private space of ConstructBuy, you need a valid subscription to ESTIMATION and also use the TAKEOFF service. 

  • Cost reports in the form of detailed lists, all shared and modifiable in real time:
    • materials (qty and $)
    • labor tasks (hrs and $)
    • equipment (hrs and $)
    • subcontractors (qty and $)
    • overhead costs ($)
    • other budgets ($);
  • Responsibility takeover checklist for the client.
  • Final confirmation of losses, quantities, unit and lump sum costs;
  • Management of equivalents according to cost and time savings;
  • Opening of bids to the BSDQ (in Quebec only);
  • Final verification of potential errors and omissions;
  • Establishment of the final price which includes administration fees and profits.

Invitation to tender management service with

Get the best prices from subcontractors and suppliers starting at $60 /1000 sq. ft.

To be able to manage your invitations to tender, directly in your private space of ConstructBuy, you need a valid subscription to BID.

  • We import your usual list of subcontractors and suppliers into BID;
  • 3 to 6 invitations to bid per specialty, privately to your usual subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Sharing with your guests the updates on plans, specifications and addendums;
  • Answers to your guests’ questions;
  • Report on bidders’ confirmations of whether or not they are bidding (“yes”, “maybe” or “no”), all shared and editable in real time;
  • Transcription of notes from telephone exchanges with bidders.
  • Calls to subcontractors who have confirmed their interest in bidding on the project;
  • Analysis of the prices received from the subcontractors and their entry in the client’s estimate spreadsheet;
  • The opening of the bids at the BSDQ (in Quebec only);
  • Conformity verifications of the subcontractors and their bids.

Customized support service with

Whatever your need, our experts are available remotely to help you accelerate, specify, and secure your estimates further. Here are the custom services available to you:

Our expert estimators can analyze your current calculation methods with you to properly integrate them into our estimation software.

Our expert estimators can create new models or refine those you already have in ESTIMATION. Whether it’s to meet the needs of the current project or to prepare for future projects to be estimated.

To help you familiarize yourself with the project estimate made in ESTIMATION by our expert estimators, they will be happy to review the project costs with you and reassure you about the reliability of their work. Together, you can then minimize errors and omissions in order to increase the profitability of the project if you win it. You will also minimize overestimations to increase your chances of winning the project.

Our expert estimators can offer you tailored training so that you can fully exploit the potential of BID, TAKEOFF, or ESTIMATION. This will enable you to gain more independence in creating your own bids using best practices.

Find out how ConstructBuy’s digital services can help you be faster, more accurate and more successful!



ConstructBuy’s digital services are simple and affordable allowing contractors to be more efficient in their projects.

Increasingly, construction entrepreneurs are facing a lack of time and human resources, which complicates the management of their projects. By using ConstructBuy’s digital services, they can address these issues while keeping their information in their private portal on the ConstructBuy platform. The use of digital services is offered on an à la carte basis, without any commitment, and according to the client’s needs at each stage of a project’s estimation.

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Request digital SERVICES with our digital tools by completing this form:

  • Prerequisites, including the rental of CONSTRUCTBUY’s digital tools, are mandatory before enjoying the digital services. A free trial period is available to allow you to receive your first delivery of our digital services;
  • The digital services are delivered remotely on the CONSTRUCTBUY web platform and in the appropriate sections of the digital tools rented by the client;
  • The responsibility of the digital services delivered by CONSTRUCTBUY is limited to that of an employee at the client’s location, that is, as if the services were performed by their employee. The client is always responsible for verifying the accuracy and reliability of the data and formulas edited by digital tool users, both those employed by the clients and those employed by CONSTRUCTBUY;
  • CONSTRUCTBUY’s responsibility is limited to the accuracy of calculations programmed into the source codes of its digital tools;
  • The client will have access to their data (non-editable) at all times after the delivery of digital services. To maintain certain access, fees may apply in the case of digital tools requiring local installation in the client’s servers to keep their data;
  • The client will be able to modify the data of the delivered digital services, as long as they possess active licenses for the necessary CONSTRUCTBUY digital tools.

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