With TAKEOFF, speed up your estimation, then easily start-up and control your project!

Color your plans to clarify the work to be done or estimated and get the lengths, surfaces and volumes at the same time. The estimate and the project start-up thus be faster, simple, clear and precise. Efficient and worry-free quantity takeoff!

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Count quantities.
TAKEOFF is fast, clear and accurate!

Open the plan online and color.

Import and open your plan on screen straight from your browser — no software to install! Confirm the scale of your plan. Choose or name a new virtual marker with the desired color. Color with lines, surfaces or dots the lengths, surface areas, volumes and quantities. The results for each color will be displayed clearly and accurately.

Easily check the dimensions and quantities counted.

TAKEOFF calculates everything: lengths of walls, partitions, moldings, beams, excavation trenches, wires, piping and ducts; gypsum, paint, floor, ceiling, roof and cladding surfaces and more, taking into account openings, curves and slope. The tasks and materials colored with their dimensions and quantities will allow you to easily and quickly identify what is counted to avoid oversights and expensive mistakes.

Share the list of tasks to count or to execute.

TAKEOFF allows you to efficiently share your work tasks with your colleagues and subcontractors. They can view or run calculations on their computer, tablet or iPad, wherever they are. You keep everyone updated by always working on the same plan. This reduces the risk of miscalculations and execution errors.


(TAKEOFF+ is a new feature now in Beta testing)

TAKEOFF+ is helping you speed up your quantity reports and get more results.

  • You can use complete project models provided at startup or create your own. You can also duplicate all project models to create new ones while saving time;
  • The models contain only 20 to 30 simple preset markers to calculate the quantities of a complete project in no time;
  • You can use the models as a check list so you don’t miss anything before exporting your reports!
  • Take advantage of a report with almost all the data you need for your estimates.

Impress your customers with your speed and accuracy by combining TAKEOFF+ with our ESTIMATION tool.

By combining these two estimating tools, you will be able to get 80% to 90% of your calculations for your final estimate with an auto-generated quote. All this with a single click that will allow you to export your TAKEOFF+ quantities and dimensions reports directly into the ESTIMATION models containing the same markers.

(TAKEOFF+ESTIMATION is actually in Beta testing)

Features and specifications

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Why choose TAKEOFF?

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TAKEOFF is the most affordable mark-up and measuring tool on the market. You can even rent it monthly if you don't need it year round. Your employees and partners can also consult drawings in color and print them for free.

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Wherever you are, whatever the time or day, TAKEOFF is available on your computer, tablet or mobile device. It works directly in your browser, with no additional software required! Your statements on plans are then instantly shared with all your colleagues or your chosen partners, with or without alerts according to their preferences.

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Since your projects are yours, you will always have access to your TAKEOFF projects, even if you unsubscribe.

Why choose TAKEOFF+?



Use and duplicate complete project models provided at startup of TAKEOFF+ or create your own templates to be even faster.

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Use only 20 to 30 preset markers from TAKEOFF+ to calculate quantities for a complete project estimate in no time.

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Harness the full power of TAKEOFF+ by combining it with our ESTIMATION tool to give you the best estimating machine of the industry.


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Use and duplicate complete project models provided at TAKEOFF+ startup or create your own templates to be even faster. You can also send your project templates from ESTIMATION to TAKEOFF+.

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Use only 20 to 30 preset markers to calculate the quantities of a complete project in a flash. You'll get 80% to 90% of your estimates in one click.

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Harness the full power of ESTIMATION by combining it with our TAKEOFF+ tool to give you the best estimating machine in the industry.


Our digital estimating services on demand give you more time to do what you do best: build the future!

Let us take care of your pre-project operations while you are busy building!

TAKEOFF is part of a complete suite from

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TAKEOFF has access to your employee list, our public directory, your private directory of contractors and suppliers as well as your project files, plans, documents, and tasks. All this information is centralized, making it easier to manage your projects and make the most of your days.