Tool to compile your staff timesheets and employee expenses

Let TIME compile expenses, calculate your employees’ time cards and organize the information for you. Create schedules and share them with employees on their mobile devices.

Simplify your time card management.
Reinforce your employees’ commitment.

Invite employees to record their time on their smartphone.

Activate TIME for each relevant employee from your ConstructBuy account. TIME will send employees a text with an installation link. After clicking on the link and following the instructions, your employees will be able to record their work hours across projects and submit their daily expenses by simply photographing the receipts.

Approve time cards and expenses.

Review and approve time cards and expenses anywhere and anytime. Your supervisors or administrators may be able to do it for you, with authorized access.

Plan work schedules as needed.

If you wish, you can use TIME to plan the work schedules of your employees. They will receive their schedule on their smartphone with project names and addresses so they can easily pull up directions.

Features and specifications

Why choose TIME?



Our TIME tool is the most affordable on the market for managing time cards, expenses and schedules.



No training is required because it is so easy to set up and use.


Since you own it, you will always have access to your projects and data, even if you unsubscribe.


TIME organizes and centralizes tools and information to help you manage time sheets and photos of receipts.


Additions or modifications to time cards and schedules are instantly shared with you and your employees.


Wherever you are, the TIME tool is available on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

TIME works with other tools from

TIME has access to your list of employees, our public directory, your private directory of contractors and suppliers as well as your project files, plans, documents, communications and tasks. All this information is centralized, making it easier to manage your projects and make the most of your days.