Estimating suite for construction costs

Be faster, more accurate, reliable and strategic from estimation to execution. Faithfully reproduce your calculation methods on a more solid, flexible and specially designed basis for estimation, compared to a spreadsheet like Excel.

Estimate your project costs.
Get an accurate list of materials to order.

Select a list of items to count.

Select the appropriate estimation template for the project. The template suggests item assemblies (e.g., floors, walls, roofs, etc.) to be selected as needed to ensure you don’t forget anything. When items are selected, related sub-items (e.g., materials, tasks, etc.) are entered automatically. You can customize, duplicate, and modify all templates based on the types of projects you do.

Enter or confirm the values ​​for each option.

In construction, everything can change. Enter or confirm the values ​​for each option (e.g., dimensions, choice of materials, etc.) in the item assemblies. Sub-items are calculated automatically (e.g., quantities, time, costs, etc.). You can also customize options and their values ​​to project templates based on your work habits in order to speed up the estimation process and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Shop around for better prices to reduce costs.

Have more time to shop around for prices and materials. Adjust prices, choices for each material and the choice of contractors during negotiations. Be in perfect control of your project throughout estimation, negotiation and completion.

Why is ESTIMATION more robust and flexible than an Excel spreadsheet?

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Why choose ESTIMATION?


You can train a new estimator in just a few hours.


Several people can work concurrently in the catalog. Items (Assembly, material, labor, equipment, sub-contract and other costs) can be created or modified for future projects or only for a single project.


Your project and item assembly models can be integrated with other systems as well as future 3D BIM standards.



We have designed the most flexible estimating software on the market that easily adapts to your needs and work methods.



Our tool allows you to automate 100% of your estimation calculations, thanks to its considerable flexibility.


Our processes for developing and verifying bids are foolproof. They help you avoid oversights, errors and unintentional alterations of calculation formulas.

30 years of expertise by


ESTIMATION is developed by ConstructBuy. We specialize in cost estimation and control support and solutions. Over the years, we have developed and marketed many reliable and efficient solutions. ESTIMATION combines everything we have learned during our 30 years of development. We guarantee that your ESTIMATION templates will be long-lasting. They will also be integrated into 3D BIM project models to help you save more time and money.


Starting at $ 1,800per license

$460 /year for maintenance & support