ConstructBuy is a private portal to centralize your projects and assist you in their PLANNING and ESTIMATION for improved COST CONTROL.

Integrated software suite for construction professionals.

Plan, estimate, and control your projects with ease in your collaborative web portal, accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Uncover the key ingredients to our construction clients’ successful recipee for success!

Create structured project folders, accessible for remote work, always up-to-date, and share them in real time with all project partners. Import your contacts or access our public directory and never again fall short of resources for your projects. Your employees and partners will then be able to plan, estimate, and control their operations more easily and quickly with our modular softwares integrated into your project folders on ConstructBuy. Imagine simplicity: communicate with the right stakeholders for the right task with the right software. …Sign up for free on ConstructBuy…

Share your project in the form of private invitations to bid or public tenders to the tens of thousands of contractors and suppliers already using ConstructBuy. Imagine never running out of prices to seal your bids at even more competitive prices simply by using this collaborative tool. It even allows you to delegate the tracking of invitations to your colleagues if you wish, thus freeing you up to perform other tasks. …Learn more about BID…

Colorize your plans to clarify the work to be estimated or completed, while simultaneously obtaining lengths, surface areas, and volumes. Thus, the estimation and the start of your projects will be simpler, quicker, clearer, and more precise. An efficient and trouble-free quantity takeoff! Imagine the impact on the profitability of your project if you also prepare quantity statements for your partners and communicate everything to them in ConstructBuy; they will be more likely to give you more precise quotes! …Learn more about TAKEOFF…

Be more precise and agile in estimation while minimizing the risks of oversights and errors related to double data entries from one file or system to another. Faithfully reproduce your calculation methods and protect your know-how, allowing you to better manage and recruit estimators. Imagine the perfect integration of a takeoff software (TAKEOFF) + a powerful estimation software (ESTIMATION) + your accounting system = a dream come true! You can automate calculations for bids, contracts, extras, materials lists, budgets, etc. to the maximum extent, all of which can easily be exported to your accounting system. …Learn more about ESTIMATION…

Allow the TIME timesheet to compile hours per project and optionally per activity to export them to your accounting system and compare them between estimated and actual costs. This way, you’ll be able to adjust the yields of your estimation models as needed. Imagine sharing schedules, calculating timesheets with premiums, compiling expenses, categorizing photos, organizing job site logs, and several other forms, all in one place. TIME offers you this…and much more! …Learn more about TIME…

Do like they do! Sign up for free and discover our software suite designed to assist you!

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Equipping you with the right software for the right task has been our philosophy for 30 years.

Other advantages of choosing ConstructBuy's digital tools:

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Affordable for you

Our collaborative tools are the most affordable on the market. Whatever your needs and the size of your business, you only pay for what you use.

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Free for your guests

ConstructBuy is easy to use and free for the guests you invite on a project. No training is required.

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Yours forever

Your project data belongs to you for life. You can access it anywhere, any time, forever. We carefully protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data according to industry best practices.

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Whatever your role in the project, the tools offered by our platform can be adapted to your working methods.

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Use and pay only for the tools you really need. When you’re ready, simply add other tools.

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Our modern architecture and API make integration easy with the tools you currently use.

To get the most out of your projects, make the most of our partnerships.

We carefully select our partners to ensure that they are always competent and open to collaboration. Because we are convinced that by collaborating with the best in the construction industry, we can offer win-win-win partnerships, we always keep in mind that the client is at the heart of our concerns.

Our partners are from a wide variety of fields, adapted to the reality of your business.

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