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Win more profitable projects with BID.

Share your projects by sending private invitations to bid or by a public call for tenders to the tens of thousands of contractors and suppliers already using ConstructBuy. You will maximize the number of bids you receive and potentially lower your project costs.

bid invitation management software

Reach a maximum number of bidders!
And make sure you get the best prices.

Open your project online.

Add a project name, address and other basic information. Upload your plans, specifications, photos or sketches to the project folder. You can then choose to keep your project private or send public invitations to bid.

Invite the contractors and suppliers of your choice.

Quickly and easily select the suppliers and subcontractors you want to invite based on the specifics of your project. They will receive an email invitation with a link to your project folder, which is always up to date. You can choose from our public directory of contractors and ConstructBuy suppliers or from your list of usual subcontractors. Your imported list of subcontractors is yours and remains private.

Follow up on their answers and contact them.

A list of bidders will be updated automatically according to their intentions, their replies and bid documents you receive. Updates and added documents will be automatically shared with your bidders with your consent. They can be notified by email or otherwise, according to their notification preferences.

Features and specifications

Why choose BID?


BID is one of the most affordable and comprehensive public tendering and private bid solicitation software solution on the market.



The contractors and suppliers you invite don't have to pay anything.


Since you own it, you will always have access to your projects and data, even if you unsubscribe.


BID organizes the information to be sent to bidders as well as the information you receive from them.


Additions or changes to your projects are instantly shared with your colleagues and targeted bidders.


Wherever you are, the BID tool is available on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

BID works with other tools of

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BID has access to your list of employees, our public directory, your private directory of contractors and suppliers as well as your project files, plans, documents, communications and tasks. All this information is centralized, making it easier to manage your projects and make the most of your days.