What a year 2020 has been for us collectively!

Crisis and economic recovery for the construction industry...
The whole planet found itself having to deal with a historic crisis never seen before, and this allowed us to see a lot of human solidarity to save lives, but also to save entire industries from bankruptcy. As entrepreneurs, this planetary event made us understand the importance of being agile in our daily operations, and the important role of digitization in a context of social distancing and teleworking.

The construction industry is fortunate that governments over the world are counting on this part of the economy to limit the damage caused by the global pandemic, so there should be no work shortage in 2021! Even so, we collectively face many challenges to ensure the survival of many entrepreneurs. In a very short period of time, the ways of doing things have changed and those who cannot adapt may suffer as a result.

Being equipped to communicate and collaborate better...
More than ever, collaboration between contractors and their sub-contractors is becoming a major issue in the planning and estimation of a project. This is why our BID tool has allowed several of our clients to stand out in calls for tenders in recent months. In addition, our Research & Development team is working hard to improve the user experience of our platform and thus facilitate exchanges between project stakeholders. We believe that real-time communication is the key to the future for the management of calls for tenders and invitations to tender.

Teleworking has also brought its share of drawbacks, but with tools such as TAKEOFF and TIME that are accessible from anywhere and at any time, our clients have thanked us for being visionaries. By hosting our digital tools online, we had the vision that one day everyone would be able to work from wherever and whenever they wanted to. This vision has proven to be very useful for our customers in 2020!

Supporting you in the prosperity of your business...
Whether for your tenders or invitations to tender with the BID tool, your quantity statements and estimates with the TAKEOFF and ESTIMATE tools, or the management of your employees' time sheets with the TIME tool, rest assured that we will continue to be there to support you in the digitization of our industry.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the sharing of information to advance even faster and become more prosperous. And that's why, more than ever, we will be working harder than ever to accelerate the development of new features in 2021 that will enable you to better collaborate and share.

In closing, my team joins me in wishing you all the best for the New Year ahead, and we hope you can make the most of your tools in 2021. See you next year!

Steve Piche President - Product Design

About ConstructBuy

ConstructBuy is the most accessible grouping of digital, modular, integrated and collaborative tools in the construction industry.

Our platform was created to enable construction industry stakeholders (contractors, architects, general contractors and specialists) to facilitate their operations in the four stages of a project: planning, estimation, supply and execution.

ConstructBuy customers can get several benefits by using it: simpler processes, easier relationships, more efficient days and more profitable projects. They even confirmed that they made fewer mistakes, made their employees happier and had more time to make the most of their tools.