Takeoff is an integral part of the construction cost estimation process. General contractors, estimators and subcontractors regularly do this task. Although some players in the construction industry do it quite often, the term “takeoff” still remains unclear for some. So, in this article, the question that will be answered is: “What is a Construction Takeoff? “.

What Is a Construction Takeoff?

Construction Takeoff, also named take-off or take off, is a calculation of the material quantity needed for a construction project. The number of windows, doors, fixtures and fixtures can be counted, for example. Construction takeoff is a calculation of dimensions including the perimeter and surface area required for a project. You can count a room dimension in order to buy the right amount of flooring or wall, for example.

In conclusion, takeoff helps you determine your materials cost and give you a good idea of how many workers you’ll need for your project.

Who Can Do Takeoff?

Construction Takeoff is required for almost all construction and renovation projects, from the simplest to the most complex. This step is required for many construction professionals such as real estate owners, consultants, general contractors, specialized contractors, retailers and manufacturers.

The Two Different Methods of Takeoff

The two main methods to do a takeoff is either by hand on paper plans or on the screen from PDF files. Basically, both methods provide the same information and have an identical role in the estimating process. But, online takeoff is much more precise, accurate and clear. This is one of the 4 reasons why you should use takeoff software.