We work for you!

If you're like us, fall is starting in full force after a hectic summer. Forced to stop last spring because of COVID, the construction industry had to work twice as hard over the summer to make up for lost time. This mandatory break has nevertheless allowed everyone to realize the importance of digitizing their business to be more agile in our daily communications and operations.

Our industry has experienced a rude awakening to modernize day-to-day operations in a new reality; teleworking employees who need to access information remotely, increasingly difficult recruiting that requires effective communication tools, having access to our data from anywhere at any time. The impact of the coronavirus was also felt at ConstructBuy, which used this moment of hindsight to improve its positioning and perfect its tools.

We worked with our team to create a new corporate video that we are pleased to show you on our Youtube channel. You'll see who's behind ConstrucBuy to offer you a range of collaborative digital tools. (direct link to the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZkllGvkEOYJQ2bXLCQfuimNMWDgif4JA/view?usp=sharing )

On October 23rd, I will also give a talk on the theme "Digitization at full speed" at the 59th APCHQ congress. Sign of the times, it will be the first conference of this kind organized in a completely virtual way. So I'm sending you the invitation!

Finally, taking advantage of a slight lull, our R&D team worked hard to simplify and improve the interface of the ConstructBuy platform. In order to make the user experience is much simpler and smoother, we listened to several recommendations received from our users. We hope to be able to put these improvements online in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I wish you all a great fall that will allow you to get the most out of your tools!

Steve Piché
President - Product Designer

About ConstructBuy

ConstructBuy is the most accessible grouping of digital, modular, integrated and collaborative tools in the construction industry.

Our platform was created to enable construction industry stakeholders (contractors, architects, general contractors and specialists) to facilitate their operations in the four stages of a project: planning, estimation, supply and execution.

ConstructBuy customers can get several benefits by using it: simpler processes, easier relationships, more efficient days and more profitable projects. They even confirmed that they made fewer mistakes, made their employees happier and had more time to make the most of their tools.