ConstructBuy now announces ConstructTakeoff, a takeoff software to allow precise measurements during the bid process.

The digital age is among us, and it has take the construction industry by storm.

Construction Takeoff Software hasn’t been easier to learn or use until now, and just made your job even more enjoyable.

For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a precise and accurate cost-estimating software that optimizes your overall performance while saving you the painstaking time of calculating everything by hand.

After considering all the aspects that go into this new breakout program, here are only 4 reasons you need to convince yourself to start using takeoff software.

1. Professionalism

Using up to date software to deliver optimal levels of accuracy, precision, and networking takes your company’s professionalism to the next level. By providing the specifics involving costs the software minimizes uncertainty and ambiguity between you, clients, and coworkers. All your important projects are better organized and saved in a secure database, so the days of losing one or multiple sheets of a massive blueprint portfolio are gone. While using this software, others will perceive you as more effective by clients, and hardworking by your work colleagues. The amount of time spent going through projects as well as finding specific details on physical blueprints is virtually cut in half.

With ConstructTakeoff we use quantity software to help you optimize your business and enhance professional strategy. Being easy and affordable, takeoff software is a tiny cost that greatly benefits you in cutting costs in other areas.

2. Accessibility

One of the biggest game-changers with construction takeoff software is the speed and ability to gain access to your projects anywhere at any time. The ability to delete or add changes without the messy and illegible you would see on physical blueprints keeps you better organized as well as making these alterations much easier to access. Carrying all your projects in a lightweight devices saves you the costs and time from printing out and carrying blueprints between the office and onsite visits. This modern edge also keeps you and your business up to date with the newest clients coming from tech savvy generations.

ConstructTakeoff uses cloud based software that allows fast and efficient accessibility so you can be mobile with work from any device.

3. Consistency

Takeoff software utilizes faster and precise tools that minimizes errors in costs and estimations. Instead of eyeballing the length of the wall and estimating the price of what needs to be done given the materials; compared to using the measurements through the construction software and then estimating it, greatly removes human error as well as creates a clear line of communication of costs between you, clients, and coworkers. You can take procedures and ideas from previous projects and reapply them which ensures time efficiency and consistent performance.

The range of tools and applications to calculate everything in the developmental process with Construct Takeoff shows the best use of quantity software. Given the chance to add or compare to similar projects without losing track of anything enables you to consider every outcome for the smallest cost.

4. Project Management

Takeoff Software allows you to add others to the projects and easily share information and delivery dates which ultimately enhances group dynamic, organization, and performance. The ability to see who will be working on what and when reduces chances of miscommunication; as well as removing the possibility of missing important dates or information. How a team works with each other on and off the site not only reflects your project management, but also the professionalism of your team to current and future clients.

ConstructTakeoff easily allows you to share and add others to your projects so you can easily track progress and optimize each project. The separate calendar clearly states and provides you with the information you need to stay on top of multiple projects while investing as much time as necessary.

With these 4 reasons, making the decision to implement quantity takeoff into your work routine will in the end make your life and everyone else’s easier while making you the best contractor you can be.