Instead of relying on individual computer stations to work, cloud-based software let’s users store, manage and process data through web-based servers.

Why many businesses move to the cloud? Simply because cloud-based software increase efficiency, reduce resources and offers many more benefits. Data from a recent Gartner survey shows that 62% of midsize and small companies are already using cloud computing, while 33% are either planning on implementing the technology in their business.

Backup Solutions

How many times have you been working on something important and power goes out? Or you spilled water on your computer keyboard? You dropped your laptop on the floor accidentally? Everything you’ve worked on is gone.

Cloud software operate by storing everything on the web. This means that your work can be restored anytime, regardless of what happens to your computer. Companies that use cloud-based software are able to exist above human error when it comes to hard-copy document storage.

Your business is affected by flooding, theft or fire? With cloud-based software like ConstructBuy you will still be able to access all your information from the web. This protects you as a business and at the same time, it helps your customers.

Work From Anywhere

Remembering where you saved what you were working on is an annoying part of using a computer. Is it on your USB key, your external hard drive, or did you save it on another computer? There are so many places where we can save documents.

Using cloud-based software, all documentation is stored on the Web. This means that anyone can access documents from anywhere at anytime. Everything businesses required is saved in the same place, on the Internet. This means that business data will always be safely secured. Also with ConstructBuy, all organizations are owners and have access to their data, including data collaboration, forever.

Let Your Entire Team Access Information at Once

How often have you been locked out of a system because someone else is already editing a file? This often happens with desktop applications, but not with cloud-based software.

With cloud-based software, any number of authorized people can work on the software at any given time. Your entire team can access all of the data, all at once. You can have real-time collaboration from any location.

Helps You Go Paperless

Cloud software has allowed several organizations to go paperless. With the introduction of Cloud storage options like ConstructBuy Project Management Software, going paperless has reached a whole new level of functionality for organizations out there. By introducing secure Cloud-based Technology like Takeoff Software, you no longer need to print your plans to do your takeoff.

This take way the need for your business to purchase paper. Although, when those documents are no longer needed, you can just delete them on the Web software. This means you can cut down on the need to recycle, shred or incinerate your documents in another way, all of which can have a negative impact on the environment.

Of course, if you’re going to go paperless, we recommend that you start with a good Project Management Software. Check out this blog for best tips for implementing a new technology in your organization.


One of the biggest expenses of a business is purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software of computer systems that they require to run the business. If you didn’t know, hardware needs to be maintained and software needs to be updated. Rather than periodically paying for theses service, cloud-based software operates off of a subscription-based model. This can substantially reduce your company’s costs.

Although, cloud-based software can be substantially cheaper than traditional computer software and hardware. For cloud software like ConstructBuy, you are only charged for the time you use. ConstructBuy is priced per transaction, so if you don’t use it to a certain level, it is completely free.

With pay-as-you-go, there’s no hidden charges and no surprise. Try ConstructBuy to enjoy the flexibility and control of our Pay as You Go service today.