It can be difficult to integrate new technologies into the workplace, especially if you use to proceed in the same manner for years. However, there are some easy-to-use but effective applications that can help you improve your day-to-day operations and reduce your workload.

Time and expense management software are an essential tool for construction companies. This kind of software will save managers time and money by improving project planning, controlling costs, simplifying payroll management and keeping employees on track.

Improve Project Planning

Time and expense management software allow a better project planning because it helps the manager plan when it is necessary to have more or fewer employees on the job site. Also, by accurately tracking the time of each task in a project, the manager will be able to organize similar projects in the future more efficiently. In addition, with such a program it is possible to arrange several weeks, which contributes to better project planning.

Sometimes customers want to know how a project is progressing. As a result, having a management software allows to respond to customers with more precision and certitude, which makes it possible to present a professional image of the company.

Control Costs

The use of time and expense management software also allows for better control over labor expenses. A software like ConstructTime give access to statistics in just a few clicks. In addition, completing reports with photos or files attachments makes for better expense tracking . It should be noted that these are recorded by the project and a history of each invoice is kept. So, knowing how much time is devoted to each task and what’s the expenses spent on each project leads to more efficient cost control and can improve future bids.

Simplify Payroll Management

Simplifying and facilitating the compilation of employee work hours is also what time and expense management software can do. By avoiding errors such as double entry or forgetting information, payrolls are done more accurately and quickly. In addition, several types of access for users are available in ConstructTime. Some roles have the option to manage or edit worker timesheets. You should also know that the schedule and the data remain private from one employee to another in this software.

Keep your Employees on Track

This kind of program also keeps your employees up-to-date in their jobs so they always know what to do. In addition, by noting how many hours were spent on each task, they can evaluate their own performance. With an application like ConstructTime, it’s also possible to add a map of the project address so employees can find the site easily. In this way, the manager’s workload is reduced and employees are aware of everything related to the project in question.

Real Time Tracking

With the use of real-time software, the entire team is able to access documents at any time. Whether it is from a smart device on a job site or from a computer at the office, ConstructTime is available from anywhere. In addition, with this tool, an SMS is sent to the employee’s mobile phone when there’s a modification. So software like this one allows a more effective and real-time monitoring.