Tool to improve negotiation process among suppliers and bidders

Easily track the progress of your negotiations with the contractors and suppliers bidding on your projects.
Track Progress of your negotiations

Get the most out of every negotiation!
Improve your relationship with your team.

Create a list of bidders.

Create a list of bidders sorted by specialities and by price. This list can be created automatically based on the replies received from bidders in our BID tool.

Negotiate with bidders.

You have access to bidder profiles at all times so you can add the contact(s) you are negotiating with. To keep track of your exchanges, you can add notes to each interaction. During negotiations, update prices and reject non-competitive bids by sending  automatic or personalized notifications to the bidders.

Select the best bidders.

Select the best bidders and send an automatic notification giving them access to shared project information (e.g., construction plans and specifications, change orders, etc.).

Features and specifications

Why choose NEGOTIATE?



Our NEGOTIATE tool is the most affordable tool on the market for managing and monitoring negotiations.



Use of the tool is free for the contractors and suppliers you interact with during negotiations.


Since you own it, you will always have access to your projects and data, even if you unsubscribe.


NEGOTIATE organizes and centralizes the information exchanged to help you fully track negotiations with your bidders.


Additions or modifications to your projects are instantly shared with your colleagues and targeted bidders.


Wherever you are, the NEGOTIATE tool is available on your computer, tablet or mobile device.


Our digital estimating services on demand give you more time to do what you do best: build the future!

Let us take care of your pre-project operations while you are busy building!

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NEGOTIATE gives you access to your list of employees, our public directory, your private directory of contractors and suppliers as well as your project files, plans, documents, communications and tasks. All this information is centralized, making it easier to manage your projects and make the most of your days.