Online Takeoff! To be precise!

With ConstructTakeoff, get and share the work to be done with quantities and dimensions that are clear, accurate and precise.

online takeoff software

Open the plan online and color it

Open the plan online and color it

ConstructTakeoff, our online Takeoff Software is simple to use. Display the map on your screen and confirm the scale of your plan. Choose or name a new virtual marker pen and color the lines to be executed with lines or color areas. Count with color dots the jobs to be performed at the unit.

online takeoff software ConstructTakeoff
affordable Online Takeoff Software ConstructTakeoff

Easily check the dimensions and quantities counted

Easily check the dimensions and quantities counted

Check directly on the screen plan the list of colored jobs to be executed, with their dimensions and quantities. The online software ConstructTakeoff makes it possible to check clearly what is counted to avoid oversights and mistakes.

Share the list of jobs to be executed

Share the list of jobs to be executed

With our online Takeoff Software ConstructTakeoff, share with your colleagues and stakeholders the work to count and execute. Use ConstructBid on any device in the office or on the job site.

Online Takeoff Software ConstructTakeoff

ConstructTakeoff is unique! For all these reasons!


This online takeoff software is the most affordable platform on the market. No matter the size of your business, pay only for what you use.


Our online takeoff software ConstructTakeoff is easy and free for the stakeholders you invite to collaborate on a project.


On ConstructTakeoff, stakeholders own their exchanged date for life in each of the private projects portal.


Access to your documents has never been easier. ConstructTakeoff automatically categorizes documents by projects. Find, store and share your documents easily.


Our all-in-one communication tool will enhance collaboration inside and outside your organization. With ConstructTakeoff, stay connected at all times.


Whether you are at the office or on the job site, our online takeoff software will be available on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

ConstructTakeoff is designed for which industries?

ConstructTakeoff for Real Estate Owners


– Individuals

– Real Estate Developers

– Real Estate Manager

ConstructTakeoff for consultants


– Architects

– Civil Engineering

– Designers

– Estimation and quantity surveyor

– Industrial Engineering

– Project Management

– Mechanical Engineering

ConstructTakeoff for General Contractors


– Civil Engineering

– Home Builder

– Industrial

– Multi Family Dwellings

– Renovation / Expansion

ConstructTakeoff for Specialized Contractors


– Air Conditioning

– Aluminium Entrance

– Automation

– Cabinetmaking

– Carpentry

– Concrete Polishing

– Concrete Sawing and Drilling

– Concrete structure

– Curtains Walls

– Door and Window

– Earth Work Excavation

– Electrician

– Fire Sprinkler System

– Fireproofing

– Flooring

– Foundations

– Garage Door

– Glass

– Gutters

– Heating


– Insulation

– Interior Systems

– Landscapers

– Masonry

– Painting

– Plasterer

– Plumbing

– Rebar (for concrete)

– Refrigeration

– Roofing

– Siding

– Skylight

– Steel Structure

– Structured Cabling

– Stucco

– Tiler (ceramic)

– Ventilation

– Wood Structure

– Wrought Metals

ConstructTakeoff for manufacturiers


– Aluminium Railing

– Cabinet Making

– Precast Concrete Elements

– Prefabricated Houses

– Prefabricated Timber Frame

– Sheet Metal Workshop

– Wood Stair Railing

ConstructTakeoff for Retailers


– Lumber Yards

– Construction materials

– Hardware store

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